solÉvolt Systems

Transformative off-grid solar energy

Solévolt provides integrated, accessible, simple to use, AC/DC renewable energy systems for areas with limited or no access to the electric grid. Safe, long-lasting lithium-ion based batteries form the core of the system. Whether for homes, businesses, clinics, schools or other facilities, whether off-grid or grid-assisted, Solévolt energy systems serve to provide clean, cheap, simple and reliable electricity for all.

Our Mission

Lift communities up the energy ladder and out of poverty in an environmentally responsible way.

All-in-one system for renewable energy generation and storage. Includes 500W solar panels, long-life lithium battery, charge controller and all other equipment for electricity in homes, businesses, schools, clinics and other buildings. Systems provide both AC (230V) and DC (12V) output. Below you can find the different input and output options for the systems

SOLAR / renewable energy

Charge the battery from the included 500W solar panels or other renewable sources


Charge the battery from the grid when available

private housing

Solévolt energy systems can provide electricity for household uses (lights, phones, TV, fans, small refrigerators, etc.)

small businesses

Solévolt energy systems are also useful for businesses (computers, refrigerators, other business equipment)

public facilities

Solévolt energy systems provide electricity solutions for schools, clinics and other public facilites

large appliances

Connect Solévolt expansion batteries for larger appliances


solÉvolt Energy systemS contain:
1.2 kWh li-ion long life battery | Pure sine wave inverter | Solar charge controller (MPPT)
Battery capacity meter (LED) | Battery terminals to connect expansion batteries
Dimensions - 775x245x255mm | Weight - 20kg

solÉvolt Energy Kit:

solar panels


light bulbs


Sockets & controls include:

1. - 2 x 5V USB | 2. - 4 x 12V DC | 3. - 2 x 230V AC | 4. - Car cigarette lighter DC | 5. - Input for solar panels
6. - Socket for AC adapter for recharging from AC | 7. - On/Off switch | 8. - Control Panel


Solévolt is a “triple bottom line” business, aiming to generate revenue whilst also positively impacting poverty alleviation and climate change.

CASE STUDY #1 - Commercial Carpenter

A commercial carpenter in Haiti uses a diesel generator and, on days he has a furniture contract, spends upwards of $20 per day on diesel. Solévolt loaned him a Solévolt-Enterprise system and power tools for three weeks, and, as a result, he eliminated his use of diesel. In only 15 working days, he saved $300 in diesel expenses and still had enough energy for basic household use at night and lighting for his chicken coop. His repayment period: eight months.

CASE STUDY #2 - Small Business Development

In Guinea, households and small businesses purchase ice to conserve food and produce drinking water. Due to the lack of electricity in most of the country, ice is transported daily by truck across long distances. With a Solévolt-Enterprise system as well as a large freezer, ice can be produced locally and sold to those who need it. Despite the initial investment cost to purchase the equipment (i.e. Solévolt-Enterprise and freezer), the repayment period was five months.

CASE STUDY #3 - Emergency Response

In Haiti following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, Solévolt sent one of its solar systems to communities in southern Haiti, where electricity infrastructure had been destroyed. As a result, hundreds of people were able to recharge their phones and contact their families to let them know they were safe and to power their communities at night.

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